Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Rise at Riverfront Crossings, the latest University of Iowa off campus apartments. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page, feel free to contact our leasing office.

What does it mean to sign an "individual lease?"

In a typical rental situation, the landlord expects one payment every month, regardless of how many people are renting the unit. This usually means one person is responsible for collecting money from every renter and writing a single check. At Rise at Riverfront Crossings, we issue individual leases, which means everyone makes payments separately. It makes things much easier for our residents and ensures that no one else is responsible if one roommate fails to pay for the month.

Will I need a cosigner?

In most cases, only the residents of our U of I apartments will need to sign the lease. However, if the potential resident doesn’t meet specific requirements on the background and credit check, a cosigner (also called a guarantor) may be required to sign a Guaranty Form.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person who signs a Guaranty Form and agrees to be financially responsible if a resident has trouble paying the rent. In most cases, the guarantors for Rise at Riverfront Crossings residents are parents or guardians.

What is the price of rent at Rise at Riverfront Crossings?

Rent varies by the size of the unit, the floor plan, and it’s location in the building. To reserve your spot today, contact our Iowa City, IA leasing office for more information on rent prices.

What does rent include?

Your payment includes many of your amenities and utilities, including trash, sewer, and water. High speed wireless internet and a cable package with the Big 10 Network are also included in the rent. Rise at Riverfront Crossings pays for electricity upfront and then bills each resident individually, helping you avoid the hassle of collecting bill money from your roommates.

Are application fees or security deposits required?

Before residents can lease a Rise at Riverfront Crossings unit, they need to complete an application. A $50 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of applying, which covers a background check for the resident and credit check for the guarantor. We also require a one-time administration fee. For more specifics, please contact our leasing office.

What are the Rise at Riverfront Crossings security measures?

We have made safety and security the top priority at our UI off campus apartments. We have a state-of-the-art electronic key access system for the building and each unit, ensuring residents have complete access to the facility and their apartment while maintaining reliable security. We also enforce regular security patrols, and all community areas are monitored by digital surveillance cameras.

Will my guest be able to visit?

Absolutely! Your friends and family are always welcome at your Rise at Riverfront Crossings apartment. Download our smartphone app to grant access to specific individuals from the comfort of your couch.

Who has access to Rise at Riverfront Crossings amenities?

Thanks to electronic access and 24/7 security, only our residents and their guests can access the amenities and community areas at our Iowa City apartment building.

Do apartments come furnished?

Your apartment is not just simply furnished—it is styled with well-crafted pieces that have a timeless style with a modern edge. Your space includes a living area with a contemporary couch or sectional sofa, media stand, and coffee table. Your bedroom comes with a bed with memory foam mattress, desk and desk chair. We even give you barstools that provide kitchen island seating.

Is there parking for my car?

If you’d like to bring your car with you to The University of Iowa, Rise at Riverfront Crossings offers spaces for lease in an underground parking facility for our residents. Spaces are limited and assigned as they are requested, so contact our leasing office to reserve your spot today.

Are pets allowed at Rise at Riverfront Crossings?

Unfortunately we do not allow pets at this time.

Is there roommate matching at your Iowa City, IA apartments?

Yes! Rise at Riverfront Crossings connects groups and individuals that have common interests. If you are a single resident and would like to be connected with roommates, or if you have a group but need one more person, just fill out a questionnaire and our roommate matching system will help fill your needs.


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